Scratch Cards VIPs Very Important Players

VIPScratch Cards VIPs Very Important Players

Scratch cards VIPs receive great benefits therefore the more you play the more benefits you receive. You also get more exclusive benefits the higher your VIP level.

Everyone want to be a VIP so they can get treat like royalty and receive great benefits. With online scratch cards you also receive the VIP treatment. As soon as you sign-up and play you are on your way to joining the VIP Club. Within no time you will reach the first of the VIP level which is usually the Bronze Level.

Each site has it’s own VIP pyramid to climb and some take less time than others to reach. In short the more you play the less time it will take to reach the next level.


Scratch Cards VIPs : How it Works!


You earn reward points that you converte into free bonus cash as you climb the VIP ladder. Start earning bonus points today, and reap the many benefits that come with each new VIP status.

There are a number of VIP Levels – Every VIP Level has its amazing bonuses, offers and special benefits! You automatically collect  1 VIP Point every €/$10* you wager. No need to deposit! The more points you collect – the higher VIP level you get!

Collecting a sufficient amount of VIP Points to enter a certain VIP Level, enables your personal account manager to invite you to join the VIP Club. For example, once you’ve collected 400 VIP Points, your personal account manager will contact you and invite you to become a ‘Bronze’ Level member of the VIP Club.

Redeem your VIP Points into bonus money!

Use the packages offered in the VIP Store located in the cashier, and redeem your available VIP Points into Bonus money again and again!

Karamba Welcome Bonus

The more points you collect, the higher the bonuses!

Available packages according to VIP levels at ScratchMania:

New /Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum / Diamond

For example, once you’ve become a ‘Bronze’ Level member of the VIP Club, you can use the ‘Bronze’ package – so, if you have collected 400 VIP Points, you can redeem the 400 VIP Points into €/$10 of Bonus Money.

You can only use packages at your current VIP level or lower – ‘New’ being the lowest, ‘Diamond’ the highest.

At Scratch2Cash your levels are:


In conclusion we love the VIP Clubs and you should too with the amount of great benefits.

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