Scratchcards4U Gets New Design

Scratchcards4U Gets a New Design

Finally SCRATCHCARDS4U have updated the website to be more user friendly and socially active. So, come see the changes and have a look around.

Welcome to the new site, we finally got round to building our most user friendly and socially active website. Because we we love the thrill of scratch cards we have brought our passion to you. We have chosen, what we believe to be, the most trustworthy and secure scratch card sites online. We have also chosen the most fun and rewarding ones.

OK, so let’s take at look at the new changes to the site.

Scratchcards4u Changes

The first change we made was to make it responsive for all devices, user friendly and socially active. We want your opinions also. Then the layout came next because we want our readers to be able to navigate the site with ease. We added some cool widgets so the site became more dynamic.

We are not great fans of over exposure to advertising so we have kept that to a minimal. Of course, we need to promote our recommended sites but in a classy way. We know what it’s like!

There will be opportunities to comment on our news posts but no spam. We also plan on polls and more ways for our readers to interact. There are plans to integrate our newsletter with the Online Player Association newsletter as our sister site ScratchCardFever has done.

Over the course of the next few weeks and months we will be settling in to our new design and delivering top quality articles. We will also be bringing you all the latest news we can get our hands on plus some exclusive offers for our readers.

We thank you for visiting us today and taking the time to look around. Like what you see? Like us, Share and Follow Us wherever we go.